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Florida’s turf grasses growing on sandy, clay or compacted soils benefit from aeration as much as anywhere else in the country.  A typical golf course is comprised mainly of sand, and aeration is a standard maintenance practice on a golf course.

Core aeration is a mechanical procedure which removes cores of soil and thatch from your lawn.  Aeration is recognized as a standard turf maintenance practice that has many benefits.

  • Relieves Soil Compaction
  • Improves Water and Fertilizer Up take
  • Builds Stronger Roots
  • Improves Drought Resistance
  • Helps Minimize Thatch Production
  • Helps Turf Withstand the Many Stresses such as Disease, Shade and Insects.

NativeGreen Pest Control uses powerful turf aerators that are used on golf courses and athletic fields to give your lawn the professional touch.