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Wellington, FL Pest Control & Lawn Care

A wide variety of pests, insects, and rodents are common throughout the Eastern Florida area. Due to the warm, tropical climate in the Wellington area, these pests can easily get into your home of business and cause a lot of problems. At Native Green Pest Control & Fertilization, we provide a variety of professional services to help you eradicate any pests you may be having a problem with and keep them from coming back. We also provide a variety of services designed keep the health and appearance of your lawn, shrubs, and palm trees in tip top shape.

Pest Control

Whether referring to residential or commercial properties, the presence of insects or rodents can be alarming. For this reason, we provide a number of residential and commercial services designed to get rid of any pests you're currently having issues with and keep them from returning.

Chemicals can be harmful when used improperly, so we take care to use environmentally friendly treatment options that are both safe and effective. At Native Green Pest Control, we get to the root of your infestation problem so that we can completely eradicate the nuisance and keep these pests from coming back to further disrupt your peace of mind. Since many types of pests can pose a health hazard to humans, it's important to take care of infestations promptly to protect your well-being and that of others who visit your establishment.

Lawn and Shrub Care

In the tropical heat so often affecting the Wellington, Florida area, your lawn and shrubs can require special and delicate care to grow properly. Many types of pests can also affect the health of your lawn and shrubs, including chinch bugs and white flies. Proper aeration of your lawn is also essential to its health due to the sandy and clay based soil that is so common throughout Florida. If your lawn is not looking as lush and green as you would like or you are experiencing issues with pests that affect the health of your grass and shrubs, contact us today.

Arborist Consultations

Palm trees are susceptible to a number of nutritional deficiencies that can affect their appearance and shorten their lifespan. At Native Green Pest Control, we also specialize in providing a variety of fertilizer treatments as well as the treatment of various diseases that can afflict palm trees. If the health of your palm trees is in doubt or you would like to improve their appearance, contact us today for a detailed treatment plan.

The appearance of your lawn and shrubs is an important aspect to consider in the upkeep of your home. Additionally, we understand that the sudden appearance of insects, rodents, or other pests can be very unsettling to you and your loved ones. If you are experiencing problems with pests or would like to improve the health and appearance of your lawn and surrounding areas, contact Native Green Pest Control today. We will be pleased to provide you with a free quote and treatment plan best suited to your unique needs.