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Commercial property owners need to consider the risks of what various pests can present to the public and the liabilities that could result from exposure. Here at NativeGreen Pest Control, we have the expertise, tools and experience to rid your commercial property of pests that are common to South Florida.

The whitefly is an example of a pest that is not a physical hazard to the public, but the residue they leave behind is tough to clean. Whitefly infestations leave a sticky mess on anything they come in contact with. They can also ruin expensive landscaping trees and plants by causing mold and leaf drop to develop. We can control whitefly infestations at your commercial property.

Other pests can pose a physical danger to the public using the commercial property. Fire ants in Florida can be a real problem, and only an experienced pest control company such as NativeGreen should attempt to eradicate them. Florida has two species of fire ants. There is the Red Imported Fire Ant and the Native Fire Ant . We recognize and have eradication methods to deal with both species.

Stinging insects such as bees, wasps and hornets are often a perpetual problem to commercial property owners. Dangerous insects can take up residence next to public access areas, or they may invade the landscaping surrounding them. We can provide a full property inspection and take steps to eradicate dangerous insects that are posing a risk to the public on your commercial property.

In addition to eradication of common pests that are a problem for commercial properties, NativeGreen also provides routine maintenance visits to prevent a recurrence of infestation. Scheduled reapplication of control measure done by our trained and qualified technicians keep your property free of invading pests that are everything from a nuisance to a public health hazard. Call us for a free quote of how to protect your commercial property from pests common to South Florida.


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