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Fire ants are as nasty as their name sounds. No one ever wants to hear the words “home” and “fire” in the same sentence, and ants are just pests no matter where you encounter them. However, we have good news: NativeGreen can effectively protect children, pets, homes, yards and businesses from fire ant colonies.

Fire ants, sometimes called red ants, bite us, with their mandibles and sink in stingers through which to inject the toxic venom “solenopsin”. Solenopsin makes your skin feel as if it’s on fire. After the sting from a red ant, most of us will experience an incredible itch around what looks like a blister filled with pus.

Other people are not so lucky. Some are so sensitive to solenopsin that stings cause anaphylaxis. Fire ant stings can be fatal. Florida is full of fire ants; their stings are more common than bee stings. A child in the yard, an athlete on the ball field and anyone who works out of doors is susceptible to attack by red ants.

Colonies are easy to recognize in yards, parks or on golf courses. Worker ants construct visible soil mounds. However, fire ants also colonize in tree stumps, building foundations and even piles of soiled laundry.

Fire ants have a fetish for electrical apparatus, including circuit breakers, electric pumps and air conditioners. The ants, which attack ferociously when their nest is disturbed, chew through wiring and cart soil into electrical housings. The moist soil creates corrosion. Near electricity, fire ants emit pheromones that attract more ants. Even dead fire ants wreak havoc on electrical equipment. As dead ant bodies pile up, they cause short circuits and prevent switches from closing.

Fortunately, you can rid your property of fire ants. To avert health risks to family, friends and workers, and prevent property damage, please contact us at NativeGreen Pest Control. Our knowledgeable technicians are experienced in all areas of fire ant management. We are happy to discuss your situation and provide a free price quote.


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