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Located on Florida’s famed Treasure Coast, Martin County is home to some of the Sunshine State’s most scenic country. With a hot and humid subtropical climate, however, Martin County is also home to a number of troublesome pests. Termites are a particular concern for residents in eastern Florida, but cockroaches, rats, fleas, bees, and wasps are also common nuisances. At NativeGreen Pest Control, we’re here to help with all your pest control and lawn care needs. Our professional technicians are highly trained and fully equipped to tackle the toughest jobs throughout Martin County and eastern Florida.

Pest Control

Have you noticed some unwanted guests in your home recently? Is your place of business under siege by pests? Whether it’s a small nest of nuisance bees or a large-scale infestation of destructive termites, we can help you evict your interlopers quickly and safely. We specialize in using nontoxic residential and commercial pest control tactics. To ensure the best possible results, we follow an approach called Integrated Pest Management. This means we address your pest control issue holistically, using every method available to us to both treat your pest problem and prevent it from recurring.

Lawn & Shrub Care

Even if pests haven’t managed to infiltrate your home, that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. Many common Florida pests, such as chinch bugs, spider mites, and whiteflies, are drawn like magnets to unhealthy or poorly maintained landscaping. Diseased or malnourished lawns are frequent targets, and these unwanted critters can move in quickly and cause serious damage if left unchecked. We work to curtail this problem by following a comprehensive two-pronged approach. First, our technicians evaluate your lawn and landscaping for signs of infestation and eliminate any pests. Next, we work to restore your lawn to a healthy and vital state. By using fertilizers that are specially formulated to deliver precisely the nourishment that your lawn and shrubs need, we can help to ensure that your yard is better able to resist further pest control issues in the future.

Arborist Consultations

An attractive yard filled with beautiful, healthy trees is essential to maximizing the comfort and curb appeal of your home. Unfortunately, maintaining your trees isn’t always easy. Diseases are common, insects and other pests can wreak havoc and storms – or lack of proper maintenance – can turn even an otherwise healthy tree into a potential hazard. To ensure that your trees are as healthy and safe as possible, contact NativeGreen for a consultation with one of our ISA Certified arborists. Arborists are the premier experts in tree care, and our on-staff professionals have the training and experience to diagnose and address any issues you may be having with your trees. Whether you need help with pruning or tree removal, pest control, hazard assessment or any other tree-related problem, trust the professionals at NativeGreen to deliver the highest quality of service.

Florida’s Treasure Coast is a beautiful place to live, but it comes with no shortage of pest control and lawn management challenges. If your home or place of business is experiencing any of these issues, don’t stress yourself out trying to handle it on your own. Give NativeGreen a call and discover why we’re one of the most trusted names in pest control and lawn care throughout eastern Florida.


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