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Infestations of household pests can turn your indoor environment into a miserable place. Ants, cockroaches and even rodents love to set up shop in human habitations because of the easy pickings, and they’re beginning to breed in droves this time of year. Naturally, you want to find an effective way to eliminate their populations in your indoor environment yet would prefer to keep the use of toxic chemicals to a minimum. You’re probably tired of so-called green home remedies that promise to keep infestations down but have no effect whatsoever on household pests.

Green pest control techniques involve more than just using nontoxic materials and methods. Most materials have the potential to be harmful if they are used in the wrong way, and that is why it’s important to have pest control applications performed by trained professionals. Here at NativeGreen Pest Control, we make certain that we hire only those who have been properly trained in a wide variety of pest control techniques.

Effective pest control frequently requires more than just one method. If your home is overrun by rats, for instance, you may be hesitant to allow a pest control professional to apply chemicals that will kill the rats because you are worried about potential health risks to you and your family. However, just the existence of rodent colonies in the home poses significant health and safety risks to household residents. Rodents can carry disease and have even been known to attack young children and small pets.

Getting rid of rodents isn’t just a one-step process. Chemical controls will only be effective for a short period of time unless you deal with the root cause of the rodent infestation. Holes and other entryways must be blocked so that rodents cannot access your home from the outdoors, and household interiors will have to be kept clean in order to avoid attracting rodents.

Here at NativeGreen Pest Control, we use something called Integrated Pest Management to keep the homes of our clients pest-free. This method involves the use of several different techniques that work together to eliminate as well as to prevent household pest infestations.


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