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When it comes to pests, they don’t get much more frustrating than rodents. Whether you are dealing with rats or mice, rodents are real problems that can get into any house, no matter how clean they are. These pests enter your home in a wide variety of ways, and because the rule of thumb states that a rodent can enter into places where it can push its head, you will find that they can enter your home through fairly small cracks.

The first thing that you need to consider is that rodents spread disease. Because they go everywhere, they can bring in all sorts of parasites that might affect you, your family or your pests. They eat the same food that you eat, so when they get into your pantry, you will discover that they can infect the food that you eat.

Rodents also do a great deal of damage to your house. Rodents are gnawing mammals; they need to chew on wood to make sure that their teeth get filed down, and when they do that, they tend to attack your home’s frame and your baseboards. They also will chew on electrical wires which can lead to a house fire.

Rodents can also bite and scratch. Though both rats and mice prefer to run if they can, they can easily do a great deal of damage to someone who is chasing them. Rats and mice can easily cause fairly severe injuries to children and pets. Rats especially are dangerous as their front teeth separate, allowing them to create a scissoring bite that will actually do nerve damage.

One sign that you have rodents in the home is chew marks on your walls or on your food containers. Another sign is fecal matter left in out of the way places. If you are concerned about rodents in your home, it is time to talk to us at NativeGreen. We can make sure that your pest problem is removed very quickly.


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