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Native Green Pest Control & Fertilization has more than 20 years of experience serving St. Lucie County, so we know what kind of pests like to frequent this area. This county, with its hot and humid summers, is a prime target for many moisture-loving pests like termites and roaches. It also presents unique challenges for those who want to maintain a healthy green yard.

Pest Control

We can treat both residential and commercial properties, including restaurants, schools, retail stores, and office buildings. We’ll tailor our treatments so that they don’t affect anyone’s health or interrupt anyone’s routine; for this reason, there is no single solution that will work in isolation. For example, we can perform fumigation to lure roaches out of their hiding spots, but if the infestation is in a restaurant kitchen, we might start out with baits and traps. Similarly, with rats and mice, our team might avoid rodenticides altogether in favor of live-catch traps. We also provide treatments for ants, bees, and spiders, among other pests.

Termite control, however, is one of our specialties. Subterranean termites are what you must watch out for; they live underground and burrow up to feed on wet or decaying wood. They can quickly spread through a property by building mud tubes and developing winged termites for swarming, and their nests can harbor millions of termites. To eliminate them, our employees can create a termiticide barrier or install bait containers.

Lawn and Shrub Care

If your lawn is looking unhealthy, the cause may be soil compaction. To alleviate this, our company can perform core aeration. We’ll pull out plugs of soil so that water, oxygen, and nitrogen can more easily seep into the roots. We can also treat specific diseases like dollar spots and fairy rings and remove pests like chinch bugs and armyworms. Sometimes, keeping a healthy lawn is as easy as knowing when to water it and how short you can cut it.

Shrubs also need caring for. One problem they might encounter is a fire ant colony. These ants are aggressive, and if they’re let into your home or business, they can easily chew through electrical wiring. Whiteflies infest both lawns and shrubs, removing the sap from the leaves and making them turn brown. We’ve been trained by the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences on how to remove these pests.

Arborist Consultations

We have an arborist certified by the International Society of Arboriculture who can answer any questions you have about the condition of your trees. If they’re not looking well, perhaps all they need is some pruning and insect control. We’re available, though, for deep root injections; we’ll send nutrients right where it’s needed most.

We’re especially knowledgeable about palm tree fertilization. We carry a granular fertilizer that’s formulated just for palm trees, and this can be administered through a yearly program. Together, we can determine the frequency of the injections (usually three to four times a year). This will prevent a host of diseases from Fusarium wilt to Texas Phoenix palm decline.

Native Green Pest Control & Fertilization will give you a free estimate for whatever service you require. No matter where you live in St. Lucie County, we can be there in no time to inspect for pests and disease. Get ahold of us today!


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