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It’s great to live near a wooded area and enjoy the beauties of nature. But sometimes nature gets a little too close.

Wild animals will set up housekeeping in a garage, attic, or even the living area, because, like people, they want a comfortable home. When that happens, they can cause problems. Snakes often get into garages and homes, because snakes were designed as go-anywhere creatures. Many people just don’t like them, and it is startling to find one in the bathroom. Besides that, they carry diseases such as salmonella and botulism; both of these can be life-threatening, especially to young children. Snakes also carry other infectious diseases that can affect the liver, muscles, and nervous system.

Another serious consideration with snakes is that many of them are poisonous; a particular concern in Florida is the dangerous coral snake. For this reason you don’t want to get close enough to a snake to figure out which kind it is. It’s always best to call in professionals to handle any snake problem.

Raccoons can easily get into homes, as well; they’re very clever and can even learn to open hook and eye locks. Once inside, they love to tear things up, and they do a lot of damage. They claw holes in walls, rip out insulation, and chew electrical wires. They even tear apart air ducts. They can crawl through the walls and possibly even chew and claw their way into the house itself.

Raccoons also defecate everywhere, which is a hazard, because they carry diseases like roundworms and leptospirosis. Leptospirosis is a disease that can cause flu-like symptoms and even kidney and liver damage. Raccoons are also a danger because they carry rabies, which is fatal if the victim isn’t vaccinated. Even without the rabies, raccoons can deliver a nasty bite.

Because your home is nicer than the outdoors, other unwanted pests may want in there, too. Many invasive reptiles are becoming a huge problem in south Florida, such as Boa Constrictors and Iguanas. The Boa Constrictors are very large snakes reaching upwards of 12 feet or larger. They are ambush predators and can blend in very easily into your landscape waiting for an easy meal to walk by, such as a pet or small child. Iguanas are very large lizards. They are herbivores and can damage your landscape by feeding on your plants. They also have very muscular tails and sharp teeth which can cause severe injury if threatened. Fortunately, NativeGreen Pest Control is here to remove them. Give us a call for a free quote!


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