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Though bees and wasps are a common risk when you’re out for a summer picnic, the picture changes when you are on your own property. Bees and wasps are fairly harmless individually, but you will find that they can be quite dangerous when they act in concert.

First, it is important to understand that there are both solitary bees and wasps and social varieties that live in hives. Seeing one bee or wasp is not a sign that you have a nest somewhere, and honestly, because these insects are relatively unobtrusive, you will discover that it is very easy for a nest to be built when you least expect it.

These insects can build their nests in the most unlikely of places. In the wild, they tend to build their nests high in the trees or in hollow trees. However, they are very adaptable, and that means that when they see a man-made opportunity, they will certainly leap on it. They can build their nest in your home’s foundations, in a crack in the porch or in an unused shed or garage area.

As an expert in bee and wasp nest removal, the first thing that I can tell you with absolute certainty is that you do not want to handle this issue on your own. Interfering with a nest can just anger the insects, leading to a swarm that in turn can lead to injuries. On top of that, you should not trust the chemical bombs that are so often sold in stores. They can damage your home, pollute the air and in the end, they do not even do the job that you purchased them for. This is why you always need to make sure that you have a professional taking care of bee or wasp problem!

When you have noticed that there is a bee or wasp nest close to your home, it is time to take action. Make sure that you give us a call at NativeGreen; we can assess the situation and give you a quick and permanent solution to your problem.


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