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Your lawn and shrubs deserve the best you can give them. A healthy lawn and shrubs has better curb appeal than sick or dying plants. Malnourished plants attract disease and insects while properly fertilized plants add beauty and security. Unkept-looking homes are often the targets of vandals and thieves.

The grass and various plants in your landscaping design can all have different fertilizer and watering requirements. Products sold by DIY and gardening centres can be confusing with all the labels, mixtures and instructions. Letting your plants go without proper nutrition and pest control in order to try to “allow the plants to fight for themselves,” will not work with our sandy, nutrient deficient soils. They will quickly become weak, succumb to insects and diseases and eventually die.

Pests such as spider mites and white fly are difficult to control with ordinary pesticides. Once these insects infest your plants, the results can be devastating. Weakened plants have a difficult time responding to fertilizers and can die even if disease does not set in.

Malnourished lawns attract chinch bugs. Chinch bugs cause large patches of grass to die; they eat the grass roots. Chinch bugs are not easily controlled or killed by commercial insecticides. Disease, weeds and wildgrasses can become established in the bare areas and spread to the rest of the lawn.

To maintain the healthiest lawn possible, hire a professional lawn service such as NativeGreen. Our skilled technicians know each plant and shrub you have in your particular landscape and the nutritional requirements for each. He or she will also be familiar with the types of pests that attack each plant and how best to kill it without harming beneficial insects.

We at NativeGreen Pest Control are ready to help you have the healthiest lawn possible. We are based in and serve the Treasure Coast of Florida. Our technicians are trained to keep your landscape healthy and pest free. Your plants will receive the proper fertilizers and pest control at the proper times, ensuring the best results. We are happy to serve you.


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