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With its warm, coastal climate, Indian River County is lush and beautiful. However, the climate makes pest control an absolute necessity. There are numerous types of pests that invade the homes and businesses of residents, and preventing infestations can be a frustrating and difficult task. It is important for you to take immediate steps to eliminate the infestations with which you are currently dealing as well as to take preventative measures to keep them at bay in the future. The professionals at NativeGreen Pest Control & Fertilization LLC are available to help you with all of your pest control and lawn care needs.

Pest Control Services

NativeGreen Pest Control services include a full suite of services for both residential and commercial clients. We use organic pest control products to safely and effectively eliminate your pest control problems and then perform ongoing preventative care to keep the pests from returning.

Residential Pest Control

Residential pest control is very important to protect the sanctity of your home and the health of your family. We will come to your home and provide a thorough inspection. We will then talk to you about the treatment plan that we recommend for the problem that you have. Our expert technicians will then treat your home and its exterior to eliminate your pests. We also will seal their entry points to prevent them from getting back inside.

Commercial Pest Control

We understand the importance of keeping your business pest-free. When your business has a pest infestation, it can endanger the health of your employees and your customers. Pest problems in your business may also result in serious harm to your company’s reputation. We can conduct an in-depth inspection and recommend the best treatments to quickly rid your facility of pests. We also provide ongoing service so that you can prevent pests from re-entering.

Termite Pest Control

Termites can cause substantial structural damage to your home or your business. It is very important for you to quickly rid your home or business of termites and treat its exterior to keep termites away. We will inspect your home’s exterior and interior, including its attic. Then, we will tell you what type of termite program may work best for you.

Lawn & Shrub Care

It is important for you to properly care for your lawn and shrubs. Having beautiful and healthy plants and shrubs in your lawn can add value to your home while raising its curb appeal. People who have unkempt lawns are also likelier to be targeted by burglars. The sandy nature of the soil makes it especially important to make certain that your plants are getting the nutrients that they need. It is also important to protect your lawn and shrubs from insects and diseases. At NativeGreen, our lawn and shrub care specialists can choose the formulas that will work the best with keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful.

Arborist Consultations

NativeGreen has certified arborists on staff who are able to help to protect the beauty and health of your trees. We can assess your trees and then put together a plan to effectively prevent diseases, insects and fungal infections. We can fertilize your palm and hardwood trees and perform trunk injections to get the nutrients to spread throughout the trees.

Living in Indian River County offers many benefits to people. The warm and beautiful climate also attracts pests. Contact NativeGreen Pest Control & Fertilization today for your free quote on pest control and lawn care services.


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