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Shade trees in Florida are a precious commodity. Besides offering shade to the occasional passer-by and the family reunions, they add beauty to the yard and effectively block the sun’s rays in the morning and evening. After years of care and pruning, no one wants to see them become a victim of destructive insects or disease.

An ISA Certified Arborist is trained on tree biology, tree identification and selection, tree-soil-water relations, tree nutrition and fertilization, tree planting and establishment, pruning concepts and techniques, cabling, bracing and lightning protection, problem diagnosis and management, tree preservation on construction sites, and tree risk assessment.

Our first role as an Arborist is “Tree Assessment” and “Risk Management”. We will evaluate and discuss with you pest issues, any hazard potential, or structural defects in order to reduce failure potential and to prolong the life of a tree.

Certified arborists are trained experts in the care and maintenance of trees. When a beloved shade or fruit tree becomes threatened by an overwhelming or mysterious pest or condition, professional consultation may be the very lifeline of the tree. Seek the services of a certified arborist when you see signs of your favorite trees being stressed.


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